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Posted by Dissident on Thursday, August 09 2018 at 10:55:09PM
In reply to well posted by manbot on Thursday, August 09 2018 at 10:26:33PM

Re: 1, 2

Various platforms are easily censored.

They are, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to censor the number of girls expressing themselves in this manner because they are so many growing numbers of them doing this, and because most of them are savvy enough to make their expressions just subtle enough to escape being individually subject to the flag button. As for blogs, the introduction of open source tools like WordPress is allowing blogs like Tom's to stay online in numbers that was not possible a decade ago.

Hay and a handfull like him seems the exception, not the rule

They only became the exception following the 1970s, as prior to that the BLer's were an integrated part of their community that was only considered moderately controversial among their movement, and when the idea of child liberation and sexuality was considered a topic that was at least debatable amongst liberals of that time period. It is currently the exception rather than the rule, but these exceptions are very courageous and each one of them is setting some very important precedents.

as indicated by homosexual activists being, more or less, at war with pederasts or MAPs since the late 19th century.

I have honestly seen no evidence for this in my research, especially since there wasn't really any organized homosexual community prior to the early 20th century. And the "pedophile issue" wasn't a major concern for society at large before the 1980s when the most recent version of the age-old moral panics started and we became the latest scapegoat of choice. The word "pedophile" wasn't even a household word prior to the '80s.

While this need not indicate eternal hostility from every member, the trend should certainly not be ignored,

We do not, and the members of the LGTB community should be taken to task for it. And some of their number are doing so, while others who disagree with them or on the fence about the issue are simply staying quiet to avoid public condemnation.

or worse, excused.

I have always made it clear that despite understanding why they are behaving this way, I most certainly do not condone it. Nor would I ever try to rationalize it on their behalf. Hay may have been an exception to the rule, but let's face it: within all groups of people only a few among them ever become the extraordinarily courageous type of person with a willingness to openly do the right thing no matter the possible personal cost. Hay was among those exceptions, and alas, we cannot expect the majority of people in general to be like him. We simply need to encourage others to follow the lead of such people.

As a result, I condemn the hatred and the ignorance, rather than instead condemning a specific demographic, since all of them are human and thus subject to the same weaknesses as members of any other group. And one of these weaknesses is a tendency to do the expedient thing over the right thing, and to prefer going with the crowd instead of against it. These are the same things that motivate the anti-choicers among our own community, thus serving as an unpleasant reminder that we are not intrinsically better than these other groups of people and could make the same bad choices if we aren't diligent or introspective enough.


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