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Legally Emancipated Girls

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, August 22 2018 at 03:28:51AM

Have you ever had an "emancipated" girlfriend? What do you know about it?

Also, I remain curious. Does anyone have knowledge about "underage" teens who go off to live at college without adult supervision? My legal understanding is that this amounts to a default emancipation from parents. If it did not, then the college/university would be held legally responsible for anything the teen did, which ultimately means they would be required to provide 24-hour adult chaperones of some kind for anyone under 18.

I am reminded of a case some years ago in which (if I remember correctly) a fifteen-year-old girl who was in some sort of advanced placement scholastic program at a major university in Alabama... unfortunately was having sex with the entire basketball team or football team. I forget who filed the legal suit against the university (I presume it was the parents), but I remember the judgement was something like (paraphrasing) "Because you allowed your daughter to go off to attend university without adult supervision, it is presumed that you willingly emancipated her by default, and therefore you cannot seek criminal nor civil judgement against the university, nor any of the adult athletes involved."

Does anyone know more about this topic? I am also curious, has anyone had a legally emancipated girlfriend before? If so, what was it like?


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