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Moving to the south is out of the question...

Posted by griffith on Sunday, August 26 2018 at 07:00:06AM
In reply to move back to Thailand posted by hieronymus on Sunday, August 26 2018 at 01:21:00AM

I don't have the money, and my joints do not like the hot weather (a new problem). I learned it last summer.

de La Rochefoucauld said something to this effect: It is not possible to love again something that you have stopped loving. And Thailand belongs to the things that I once loved and then stopped loving. To be honest, that country would be unpleasant or downright repulsive for me now.

I could not stand any hot country any more, because I hate the heat and in the end of my journeys I really began to hate mosquitoes.

When I said that I don't want good advice I may have sounded blunt. But I just meant that I don't want any opinions like "just cheer up" or "go to pump iron" or "run fifty kilometres a day" or such. Yes, exercise is important, but I have been doing it all the time, and now I have that new problem, the problem with joints.


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