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You mean ISIS?

Posted by jd420 on Sunday, August 26 2018 at 10:57:31PM
In reply to what do you know about posted by hieronymus on Sunday, August 26 2018 at 1:10:50PM

There are a lot of arguments floating around saying that they are not, in fact, ISIS. This is all well and good to a point; random assertion does not make something true. However, it also doesn't make something false, and the organizations doing this should... know better.

The main evidence that they are the armed terrorists masquerading as ISIS (which itself is a fairly decent organizaion, and the entity which recruited the bombing campaign against "ISIS militants" when McCain's little homies started fucking shit up)... comes from their own damn website.

"the UN Security Council must follow through on its demand to stop the barrel bombs..."

There is, quite literally, no such thing as a barrel bomb. You can put a bomb in a barrel, but it is still just a bomb.

That particular hoax has been linked to chemical weapons attacks on civilians by "islamic" militants recruiting support for faux-ISIS, however. As such, perpetrating such hoaxes, or being the source... is pretty damning for "Yup, they're ISIS," being the primary actor or recruiter.

The entire thing is, by funding, a front group for british intelligence, via...


...this guy. So, we know where to dial home in terms of "islamic" terror, not that we haven't for a while. Times like this are when it's good to remember that while the overthrow of the Weimar and Japan was run out of California by a profoundly sociopathic pseudoeugenics movement (it was just an excuse to kill people, which has nothing to do with deliberate reproduction), before it was a mass-murder-with-thin-eugenic-excuse movement, it was... a british petroleum cartel. Prohibition (and its companions, 'age of consent' and child labor) was run by some shitty WASP gangs, complete with racial violence, and existed solely to ban the competing, free-to-all fuel.

All roads lead home. This is, however, the first connection to faux-ISIS that isn't the known smuggling trail, not that this isn't enough.

All one can actually say for Assad is that Hezbollah/Lebanon and Russia think he can keep not-ISIS out of Europe from the southeasterly direction. We all remember when the scotland-based front group 'Children First' tried to knock over Turkey; it's basically Assad and Kurdistan saving everyone's ass while they sit in luxury... and probably talk shit, just like we get from these ungrateful little pukes.

what do you know about the "White Helmets"?

Absolutely nothing. First I've heard of them. This is all from two webpages on the first page of search results; it was enough.

Thank you for your excellent question. It was, well, informative and surgically targeted; thanks. ;)


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