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Posted by Gimwinkle on Monday, September 03 2018 at 1:02:21PM
In reply to Impossible Dream - Tourette's version: posted by hieronymus on Sunday, September 02 2018 at 9:44:41PM

Euphemisms = good ways to say bad words

Shoot = Shit
Dang it, Doggone it = Damn it
Fooey, For crying out loud, Frack, Frickin', Freakin' = Fuck, Fuckin'
Pee = Piss
Sunny Beach = Son of a Bitch
Mofo = Motherfucker
Geez = Jesus (though why this is a bad word, I don't know.)
Gad = God

Pee is my favorite euphemism. When we were kids, we all would say the alphabet, "...H, I, J, K, Elemental Pee." Or course, we would laugh.

One day, so many years ago, when I was trying to get some extra money for the fall semester with a summer of taxi driving, a woman and her young daughter were on their way somewhere. The woman said, "Driver, can you find a gas station, please? My daughter is about to piss Her pants." The daughter furtively remarked, "No, Momma, I don't have any piss. I said I have to pee."

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