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MJ is still alive

Posted by Gimwinkle on Monday, September 03 2018 at 7:32:30PM
In reply to facts true as stated, warnings/causes less clear posted by EthanEdwards on Monday, September 03 2018 at 0:17:06PM

but that didn't extend to blowing up buildings.

I agree completely. The conspiracy theories attempt to point in that direction. I just can't see how, nor why. To what end?

...people of good will thought they heard or saw strange things

What that noise was, etc., conflicts with what the NIST reported that nobody reported explosions; therefore, we needed not to investigate the debris for explosives. Therefore, there were no explosives.

Even without the Youtube evidence contrary to the NIST claim, their report findings were fundamentally flawed. (Nobody told us, we didn't look, so there were none to find.) Yeah, that's what everyone has been "theorizing" about. That, and "how can an office fire bring down an entire 50 story building?" (WTC-7 which had only minimal facade damage.)

instances of the communication distortion


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