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Sunkara just took a swing...

Posted by jd420 on Wednesday, September 05 2018 at 09:24:16AM

"...just twenty-three require a check of the sex-offender registry."

One... wonders if they're a little unclear about "helps unrelated children wipe in a cashless volunteer economy" tends to imply.

It should, quite frankly, be, well, basic to know where "are there any queers in the audience tonight" belongs on a left-right axis. Despite this, both the stock, permanent staff author and the entire editorial board chose to include this anyways. Not "can a person leave a scene they don't want to be in," but "have you been targeted by the prison-industrial complex as queer?"

The Communist Party of Great Britain, which supports the abolition of age of consent laws, notes Jacobin as basically a non-official front with heavy ties to the DSA. fact, they note Sunkara's status as a leader in the DSA at the time. It was certainly an interesting time indeed. For one, it was a time in which the DSA, bizzarely, decided it should be led by, well, a promoter of further non-democratic-responsiveness for the (illegal, actually) forces of the far right.

It also decided at that time to go to war with its parent organization, the Socialist International.

All... in a very narrow time frame, indeed.

It may be possible that, just as the attacks on Northern California in the 2000s and 2010s established a direct connection between the American Center for International Labor Solidarity and anti-union activity in the great lakes region, that we may be witnessing a gang-led demutualization/dekibbutzization scheme being undertaken upon the DSA in realtime.

Might be interesting to read more about the juicy details, "who" and "how" and such.


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