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Hmm. Found out who did the bombing...

Posted by jd420 on Friday, September 07 2018 at 06:37:07AM

Many of you might be familiar with the carefully simultaneously coordinated attacks in Washington...


...and France.

Now, "why are things happening in France," the answer is well-known. Terror attacks reduced when the head of security for Front Nationale was caught out recruiting and orchestrating "muslim" terror attacks "from the middle east" with bacon-eating aetheists from the EU as a publicity stunt.

...since then, they only get the global ones, rather than the additional PR stunts.

Many know about the coordinated trifecta of attacks, and anyone here who has been reading knows the base area of the Washington bombing and what route it took. Similarly, lots of people know about far-right shenanigans in Portland.

Fewer know of the deliberate arson of the Willamette valley and all its exits in the year before, as a precursor to the current action.

Now, there's a funny thing about this. The SPLC lists one hate group in Utah, except for the FLDS which I assume joins "black identity extremists" like the Black Congressional Caucus in the "quit hating on them" pile.

Formally, that group is "American Vanguard." Even the most cursory reading, however, will show that American Vanguard had its site, its chatrooms, and its membership jacked by a high school student who renamed the group "Patriot Front." And, according to reports, is a raging narcissist who runs the group as a personal tribute to himself.

Whereas there is only one group congruent with the operational area... well, you know. The fight club and troll group entities are connected enough to get terrorist attacks conducted as a run-up to their activities, but we know who the foot soldiers actually undertaking the terrorist activities are.

This gives us an adversary we can actually 'reach out and touch' without mass organophosphate deployment... which is "lone-wolf"-grade easy to enact, I might add. This is nothing new; AZU was outed as a neoconfederate network wherein the little dots on the map suggest a series of stashouses connecting atlantic cocaine to police contacts in southern California plus the door to the SE Heroin trade. NorthWest Infidels runs the largest "antipedo" group in the UK. And so on. We can actually track individual terrorist orgs pretty easily, and it's usually where nutjob white-supremacist far-right types and the cocaine and/or heroin trade intersect.

The main obstacle to "reaching out and touching" the only detractor we've got, albeit not at all a new one, is simple... literal Nazi cops. Everyone here should know how quickly Toronto PD moved...

...when police involvement in the National Socialist Underground murders was made public...

His inclusion on the list was probably fraudulent, but... with enough control of the enforcement apparatus, that really doesn't matter much, does it?

Similarly, in Portland itself, we have overt police alliance with Nazi violence... a region in which the republican party decided to make a personal extragovernmental goon squad...

...out of an organization which has literally declared its intention to deploy lethal force for the crime of protesting.

This is likely the result of recruitment by the E. Multnomah cell. We now know what organization runs it. Speaking of organizations, intel suggests that MOST of the original members left the "we will kill all protestors" one.

Literal Nazi cops aren't just a problem in Portland, Germany, and wherever the hell in Cali the AZU police officer was from; in a bidirectional relationship, police in Berkley and Philly are using their office to publicize hit lists...

...while police in Louisiana launder hit lists from stormfront into state repression - committing the federal offense of targeting people for lawful protest in the process, but hey, with no enforcement apparatus, who cares?, the difficulty with getting the Nazi cliques who are the only folks who fuck with us (or getting terrorist murder of civilians addressed at all) dealt with, is the same problem with assembly, association, and the democratic process : literal Nazi cops. Committing crimes for the Nazi cause with no recourse except, perhaps, to save the wide-area organophosphate release for state response. I for one don't recommend you do this, as it might hit an endangered species; it's merely observation regarding the last means of recourse when a criminal enterprise has total control of the State - the enforcement wing of governance.

In the midst of this...

...Rose City Antifa (and the PNWAWC) still thinks its far more important to promote social cleansing based on one's immutable status. I guess it's true what they say; Anarchism (and its cousins) are the domain of white folk with a fuckton of privilege, though I suppose to be fair, they did knock it off when called out. Should they be tempted to start up with the heirarchy and social cleansing again, they should probably remember that most hate crimes are committed not only by white people, but to white people, and the history of the older German regime suggest it's about as safe to be a member of the Party as it is to be a gay Jew.

Nonetheless, we have the organization responsible for a number of terrorist attacks. It is noteably tied to and likely synonymous with...

...the party who tried to recruit hate and stage hate-based hoaxes at the only exits to the valley they tried to burn and bomb. I'm not pansexual myself, but my sexual orientation is a subset of pansexuality.

We know who and where. What should we do with this?


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