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Posted by Hajduk on Sunday, September 09 2018 at 03:36:11AM
In reply to Tag team and pull me in even further posted by Eeyore on Sunday, September 09 2018 at 02:21:35AM

...was betrayed, sacked, looted and burned by Catholics more than 2 centuries before kebabs could acquire it. Without the Catholic backstabbing, kebabs would never have set foot in Eastern Europe.

As for Spain, northern Spain was still Pagan by the time Arabs conquered the Wisigoth kingdom. It was Christianized (Catholicized) by the same people who brought to you the lovely Inquisition.

But hey, since Bad German Guy killed 6 gorillion Joos, we can now forget how many Joos were killed to Catholicize the Iberian peninsula...

It's not relativism to put the greatest death tolls where they are. At that, neither Papists nor kebabs could compete with (sorry leftists) what Commies has achieved in just one century...

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