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Albert Einstein, Pedophilia, and Peter Schiff

Posted by rocinante on Sunday, September 09 2018 at 04:31:24AM

First off, some fun... One of Albert Einstein's great-grandchildren is an anesthesiologist at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica. One Thomas Martin Einstein.

My point however was about Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, and how it was not believed at the time. He knew it was right, but he shouldn't yet prove it.

The thought came to me that the same is true for what I think I know about pedophilia, or child-love. Whatever you prefer to call it.

Admittedly, I'm no Einstein, but the point being that there will come a time when someone knows something about this, and they will not be believed. In fact that time is now. Any common-sense approach to pedophilia is not even heard by this emotional, erratic, echo-chamber of group-thinkers that make up modern-societies of today.

I'm really skipping around, but it reminds me of the over hour long Q & A one Peter Schiff gave during the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Through this video, it became apparent that Peter was very patient with the protesters. It was also obvious that the protestors were poorly informed, and worse, close minded and stuck in their existing ideology. They were unable to think rationally about the facts. (Save for a few individuals.)

Peter was called names, and yelled at, but he persisted.

What a patient man. We could all be like him, and it would seem that the masses still wouldn't get it. Sort of say to think about how stuck in their ways people are...

In case you're interested here is that link:

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