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No need to get that paranoid

Posted by Nadine on Sunday, September 09 2018 at 7:27:57PM
In reply to Warning: Computer Algorithms Can Find You Online posted by rocinante on Sunday, September 09 2018 at 07:24:52AM

Or incite paranoia.

I doubt an algorithm like that would be effective in outing people here.

Even in the extreme case that someone gets your IP address, you might think you're absolutely fucked, but not really. All someone can get from that is your country and the approximate location you live in; I'll admit, I wouldn't be too comfortable knowing that someone has that info on me, but it's still far from identifying. To get to the personal info in the IP you would need a subpoena, which you can't get because, thank God, being a pedophile is not illegal.

In my opinion, the only way to get outed is if you yourself made a little slip and revealed some info.

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