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a bed

Posted by Hajduk on Monday, September 10 2018 at 03:53:30AM
In reply to as usual, quick update posted by Hajduk on Sunday, September 09 2018 at 00:08:22AM

The ones you make, the ones you lie in.

I remember a bed and Gaga's Cousin. I remember a bed and 129.

All I want is that warmth, 24 hours long.

Gunner deserves better. Thatcher deserves a little better. But the surroundings killed my resolve. I won't make an effort for now. It's too much for me.

The East is a gamble. But it's the time to gamble.

Rroma is the joker. She can still win the game, if she plays her cards right.

Tinkerbell, though, is leading. Just one step, just one word, just one look into her eyes; and the world can be remade. In her image and likeness. Anyone misunderestimates her at their risk and peril. She's winning what cannot be won. She's making me be what everyone else just tried. I'll wait for her tomorrow. And then surrender to the impossible. I need her rough hands, her sweaty scent, and the softness of her soul, to tell me that I have what it takes to destroy a world which made all efforts to be worthless; to create a new world, where we can be happy, the most happy.

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