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My favorite Youtubers uploaders getting canned

Posted by Oakowi on Friday, September 14 2018 at 09:36:12AM


I been subscribed to many beautiful girls channels for a year and a half now, and the ones that's been there for a long time, are losing their accounts. Two examples:

Korin Baronecek

Don't worry, this name will not produce results, I changed a couple of letters in the name, so it won't ID her. But the name I put, is VERY similar to the real girls name. Anyways, Korin would upload vids on her channel, with ballet demos, and ribbon sessions. She would explain in Russian on how to do the routines. She was very beautiful and her audience loves her, but for some weird reason, her account was terminated, for inappropriate content which I didn't see. All she did, was dance and twirl her ribbons!!

Milla Blogueira

She was my favorite for a long time!! She would dance as well, a little more provocative than Korin. She would also explain her dance moves in Portuguese, and wiggle at the camera at the end. They are such beautiful girls, and I hate that Youtube is starting their "crackdown" of girl uploads. I miss the old YouTube when people had more customized accounts until Google took over!! Also there are yoga challenges and days at the swimming pool are also going down.

Allison Savage

Like Milla, she is my favorite. More so, because someone complained about her uploading herself for "nasty old men" to see her, and she replied, "Bitch! U don't know me! If I didn't want old guys to C me, I wouldn't be uploading this videos! I want them to C me!" The complainer answered, "You didn't have to get an attitude little girl! You will regret this shit when you get older! You think you're all pretty, showing your body and disrespecting people! Which you're not!"

My theory is, that antis are flagging EVERY upload these girls produce, to prevent their audiences from looking at them. They subscribe to the channels, looking for ANY slip up, or mistake the girls make and flag it. So YouTube gets to it faster, and take it down or terminate the account. So many accounts are gone, and funny enough, I'm starting to have less time watching YouTube, and doing other things. Also I wanted to explain my new way of naming the girls I mentioned. For example:

If a girl is named Elizabeth Robertson I change letters around into something like, Lisa Roberts. Similar, but not the same. Or a girl named Jacklyn
into Jacqueline, or Jessie, Annie into Andrea. So that way, there will be less energy spent imagining who I'm talking about for the reader. It's STILL not their REAL name. I hope the moderators can approve of this. Which I think might squeak by. The thing is, antis are afraid of these girls, because these girls are more free from the rules antis are used to. So antis attack these girls because they are giving the wrong message, and setting bad examples the girls the antis are related to. The problem for antis is the numbers of these girls are increasing, and that's a problem. The antis are already complaining, so they can try to halt these girls from the service all together, so YouTube will have less variety and content for their audience. I'm seeing many older videos effected as well.

I hope this trend stops, because I want it more available to anyone that wants to express themselves, not just sexually, but for the purpose of getting people to know them.


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