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Posted by Dante on Saturday, September 15 2018 at 03:55:26AM


I know.

Its been a while.


I haven't really changed my opinion of Ms. Argento one whit.

She's spent enough time in the EEUU that she should've known that 17yrs and 11mos is a babe in arms, whereas 18yrs old by one hour is a great strapping he-man. And that therefore a background check of Obama-Administration-Security-Clearance proportions is a precursor to consent.

C'est la Vie.

OTOH, as for being a poster-girl for MeToo....

The movement is a sex panic. It is irrelevant to the movement whether the accused are truly guilty. The accusation is itself the conclusion.

But this doesn't mean that everyone accused is innocent either. Methinks that Harvey is as likely to have committed the offenses as I am doubtful of Woody's guilt. In both cases the particulars matter. And I hope that Asia gets her day in court viv a vis Weinstein.

It is ironic that the youth in question in Argento's case is a lad she met making a film about a "real-life" abused bhoy who turned out to be a fiction concocted by a woman lying in order to profit off of the "traffiking" sex panic.

Oh well.



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