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Ping: B4Uact lost in the cracks.

Posted by kissbyalice on Wednesday, September 19 2018 at 10:21:55PM

It seems my name is just that anymore.
I ask a tiny favor and am treated like a god damn stranger...lest we forget who put their neck out for a activist movement before you or your
"professionals" existed...and got slammed, then I try to get other

MAP's.... side note I fucking HATE that term with a passion it feels you reduce the feelings of an emotional and romantic relationship to nothing but a legal term, my love isn't bound by laws.

right where was I...
Then I tried to get other GLer's to adhear to a code granted which is much more lax compared to what Virped and more of the "socially" acceptable groups would agree to then when I tried to apply that to VoA well I got my ass banned...(SL would chop it up to me posting about what went wrong here on GC... which I will argue that day and night to this day... I was making a point of members that needed to be rid of from VoA for their lact of tact and disregard for girls...)
so in the end not only did the non's and anti's get their kicks in me I stood up for this community and then one faction kicks me to the curb...

now you B4uact won't even bother listening to me... and pass me off as someone you can't Vet...

To Sam I'd imagine I've been around this damn "scene" longer than you ever have... and I still am. I mean do you want me to give you a freaking roster of people that can vouch for me?



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