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So I Looked Further

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, September 20 2018 at 04:24:07AM
In reply to I want to post about this posted by Eeyore on Monday, September 17 2018 at 05:39:50AM

The Wordpress blog is nothing more than an anonymously authored hit piece. It looks like something 4 Chan would create (peace be upon them) to try to destroy somebody for lulz.

I looked over many of the photographer's pics, and even though the racier ones didn't impress me much with depth, I did find they had "incidental" pedo triggers for me, personally. Pigtails, roller skates, socks that go all the way up the thigh, bright colors, barefoot, tutus... basically, the English "tart" look does admittedly set some of us off, but basic logic skills do not lead anyone to the conclusion that means the photographer was "trying" to induce this reaction.

Indeed, I have found that many "feminist" photographers, a few of which are highly connected to Hollywood, and which some of my fellow girl lovers surely know, are guilty of similar things, except they are actually forwarding a form of cynicism about the early sexiness being portrayed. Oh, they might secretly be attracted to their same-sex muses. I'm not denying that possibility. I'm just saying that sometimes their talent for portraying what theye sees or wishes to see, gets some extra "controversial" boosts, like for instance, the tendency for totally trustworthy publications like Vanity Fair to pluck one of these muses every few years when sales are in decline and paint her up like a middle-aged harlot for the world to claim it's going to attract the pedos who already saw it and found it disgusting.

All that said, I did like a few of the photographs, despite the cynicism I feel she intended. I thought the girl in the pickup truck with roller skates was very pretty. She sort of reminded me of the classic Cindy-Model from years ago... Remember? She's the one Oprah invited onto her show, only to shame a bedazzled girl and make her cry. Yeah, that Cindy-Model.

I liked the photo near the ice cream truck. I thought the girl in the tutu was very appealing, and I though the girl holding onto the truck in her Superman outfit and observing the other girls was telling something to the viewer, which showed a level of refined artistic skill by the woman who snapped it. They were pleasant photos to look at, and to try to interpret besides.

The anonymous jackass who claims the girls on "the dock" were encountering their pimp, fails to realize his walkie-talkie indicates he's part of the vice squad... a cop. Actually, he doesn't "fail" to realize anything. He knows exactly what he's doing. He's harassing a photographer who is by no means pro-pedo by any stretch, but who's cynicism for things pedos actually like, incidentally results in cynical portrayals which we admire at face value.

Just my personal impression. She's no Mann, but I agree with her version of Superman.


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