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So, how do I deal with it?

Posted by Gimwinkle on Friday, September 28 2018 at 4:36:20PM
In reply to Hi, posted by hieronymus on Friday, September 28 2018 at 2:12:59PM

When I was young, I fought authority figures constantly by simply agreeing with them, then ignoring them. Parents would say, "Do your chores." I usually didn't. Teachers would say, "Do this homework." I went home and didn't do it. Later, I discovered the library and began reading just to get away from everyone's authority. I can't add two numbers together efficiently, but I do know how to get a machine to do it for me. I learned to like machines.

In college, when it came to mathematics and the new field of computer science, I stayed a chapter ahead of everyone because I didn't follow the rules but wanted the tools that these subjects gave me. I did every possible class- and home-work possible and aced every test. Psychology, a required "elective" course, I knew more about the colour blind concept, more about Pavlov's dogs, and schizophrenia than the professor did, acing every test he gave. Yet I only got a C because I never did homework. U.S. history, another elective, was pure "ball sheet" and I hated it. The professor gave out fifteen topics for us to create 5 page reports on. I could easily tell you the mistakes made at Antietam on both sides of the Civil War but those fifteen reports were so time consuming that I used my new found skill working with machines to get those reports done as fast as the computer printer could print them (300 baud, clackity clack, one page per couple minutes via a daisy wheel printer.) It wasn't plagiarism because those reports were not copied from anywhere. They all had discussed the appropriate topic, had correct grammar, correct spelling, correct punctuation, and were very presentable being double spaced, single-sided and stapled. Yet they were all gibberish if you actually read them. The professor never did and I got full credit for all 15 reports. Yes, it was cheating. For the record, Antietam was the most fiercest and damaging battle of the Civil War with over 20 thousand people wounded or killed on that one day. And I just shake my head in disgust at the folly of those U.S. authorities then in power.

Today... ur, before I retired last year, I delivered people and freight all over Ontario in all sorts of conditions, most of the time, following the rules, but often not doing so. There are places that people just can't or aren't allowed to land. Yet... someone did.

I am lucky, H. I never had parole/probation to be under someone's authority. Had it been so, I would not have survived it. Maybe I could have if it had been just a few weeks. Being deported back to Ontario was the best thing that could have happened to me. Even while on my "extended vacation", while the "bars and barbed wire" held everyone in, they could not have held me had I not wanted to be there. (There's a long story about that.) In fact, as I was a "lecturer" of an unofficial sort, I do know of someone who did make an untimely exit. The stupid guy ended up back inside, months later. But, my most enjoyable hobby was making myself a written nuisance not only to the local authorities but to the state government, as well. I took great pleasure in it. I even got some rules changed for the better, although it was not my intention.

But, my philosophy is, when told to keep your grubby fingers away from the hot stove, do so. Then, when no one is looking, go burn your fingers.

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