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"What we have here is a failure to communicate"

Posted by Gimwinkle on Monday, October 01 2018 at 00:03:55AM
In reply to fascinating tracts and facts posted by hieronymus on Friday, September 28 2018 at 9:58:20PM

... from Cool Hand Luke.

The warden was trying to explain why things were so wrong with Cool Hand Luke. He (Luke) was not listening to his (the warden's) rules and consequences.

So, too, we have the god-people's failure to understand what the rules are in the universe.

"And God said, let there be light. And there was."

"Horse hocky." (Col. Potter, MASH) (YouTube: Potterisms) (Ha! no link... Hi Baldur!)

The Sun does not go around the Earth. Earth is not the center of the universe and is much more older than 7,000 years old. There never was a world-wide flood, there never was anyone who was dead and stinkin' to get up and roll stones around, there never is a reason to have a holy war simply because the people here at GC do not accept the rules and edicts of some oil rich god.

Just look at the stars of today with the tools you can get from a Walmart. Saturn's Moons, Andromeda, the Orion Nebula. Pork, back then, was usually infested with Trichinella as even bear meat today can be. Dinosaurs, for crying out loud!

"God said it, I believe it, that settles it." Sure. But it is written, "And Judas went and hanged himself." It is also written, "Go thou, and do likewise."

I'm not atheistic. I just don't accept anyone else's idea of what or who or when a god is. Particularly if that god says to hurt someone or some thing.

I look upon Man's created rules for himself as just that... just not for me. Oh, sure, I will do my best to know what they are. And I fine that most of them fall in line with my own rules for myself. For me though, my god is "Love". Especially like you say, H:


Which is better, to have a pretty little girl crawl into your lap and fall asleep there, or to grab an AK 47 and blast away into a crowd if infidels?

My god is better than that. My god is actually multiple gods. That's why I capitalize their references: And then, She crawled into my lap, and lo, there to lay Her holy head.

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