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You thought Balto lacked emotion?!

Posted by Balto on Thursday, October 18 2018 at 11:35:06PM
In reply to powerful posted by Eeyore on Saturday, October 06 2018 at 05:12:24AM

Balto is basically the manifestation of a person that was created when I lost my niece - serious desperation and backed up by a ton of rage.

What I want to say to each of these people? "Hey X, let's take X loved one who's basically soul-bonded to you; to you, from now on, she's dead. We're all going to freely interact with her - she's only dead to you. Consequently, you are going to have zero space, respect or courtesy, to suffer through coming to terms with that. Instead, while we're aware that you're contemplating suicide, we're going to PLAY UP how the fact that you loved her SO MUCH affects us negatively, PLAY UP how it's now affecting you negatively (now that you're mourning her figurative death), and just be complete dicks to you overall without realizing it. Your welcome, FAM. Enjoy your new life: paranoid schizophrenia - root cause, traumatic sociogenic psychological abuse."

I'm better than that (a lot better), so if that's something they can live with (which it's not, so if they could it'd be because they didn't believe it to be true: watch me fall.

She's dead to me? I'm dead to you.

Somebody give my best girl friend a motherfucking chance to speak because I'm about to rage-quit my life for real.

~ Bow

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