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One toke over the line

Posted by Gimwinkle on Friday, October 19 2018 at 08:27:15AM

Canada now has made cannabis legal. Cool. And, of course, there are lots of discussion about it. You can't read the news without some article arguing one side of it or another. The article in Edmonton was about a little girl selling Girl Guide cookies (the Canadian version of Girl Scouts.) There was a line up outside the cannabis store so Her father and Her went down the line selling cookies and sold out. (Who wants to do a couple joints and go without anything to cool the munchies?) The comments were about how the Dad was ruining the daughter by exposing Her to a vice. (My interpretation).

I saw two comments that made me want to copy and post here.

One commenter:
So the government puts in all sorts of laws to keep weed away from kids and this genius prances his kid right down to the store line up! Unbelievable!

Another commenter replying:
Kids see alcohol abuse in the movies, do you think they immediately think, “Oh, I wanna do what that guy did”? Please don’t discount the intelligence of a kid. I grew up with cigarette romanticizing advertisements everywhere but it never came into my mind to smoke cigarettes because John Wayne did on the battlefield. I did it because my buddies were doing it and I wanted to fit in with them.

Let me quote the quote in the article: “… discussions with her, so she understands what it is and take away that mystery behind it…”

The same should go for alcohol, marijuana, sex, and politics. Let the kids understand life, then let them make their own decisions. Why? Because they can… unless you don’t teach them.

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