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law people

Posted by Gimwinkle on Friday, October 19 2018 at 5:17:32PM
In reply to Good and bad posted by sadlife on Friday, October 19 2018 at 0:43:17PM

Good and bad have nothing to do with it.

For crying out loud, you hit the nail right on the head with that. This is why law people earn so dam much money. The system does not care about right and wrong. Just about offense or no offense. And they study for 6 to 8 YEARS to learn how the rules are all twisted and distorted so that only people who study for 6 to 8 years can understand it.

Wear a helmet on a motorcycle. WHY? It's my head if I crash, not anyone else's. Yes, it's stupid not to but isn't that my right? To be stupid if I want so long as I don't hurt anyone?

Why is suicide illegal? Okay, attempted suicide. "I feel so depressed I want to end my life." "Hey, you with the poison in your mouth! You're under arrest. Spit it out, NOW or I will shoot you!"

Yeah, stupid is as stupid does. But the law people and the societal system they enslave us with is worse.

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