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Posted by jd420 on Sunday, October 21 2018 at 05:37:09AM

As expected, ageist transphobia in the lakes and far-southern scotland leads to, well... ageism in SE asia and the greater puget sound area.

...note how the measure is used as a disposable front for ageist hoaxes? "Not really people?" I prefer the US solution, "All persons born."


...someone in Idaho is pushing the "eternal infantalization" bullshit. At the same time. In... a goddamn straight line on a known trafficking route. To the south, Oregon, home of the E. Multnomah cell...

...the arctic native practice - at least western, and frankly much of siberia - of free travel over land was, well, basically destroyed. Along with the entire park system, the national forests, and so on.

On the road there, Australia decided to go for... white supremacy and totalitarianism.

Despite painting the entire route from Cincinnati to the Sound, there's no actual indication that anyone went there; the quickest ways into Idaho involve the border at E. Washington and western Montana; you can try to run a narrow little border with all the resources directed at it, or you can cross a vast, unguardable border in the wilderness and then cross an unguarded state border. "Just waltzed down, really" is perfectly likely.

In other news... guess what time it is? That's right...


We've seen this one before. "Good christians" stealing children to order, using it as a vehicle of national extermination, and usually, raping them. Sad thing is, I and any reasonable person totally support that last one, there's just some question of less-dysfunctional means.

So, well, that's happening again. The hilarious thing (besides these twits' total incapability to pair a very good idea with any but the most dysfunctional methods) is that the judge is wrong on its face; there is literally no racial component in the ICWA whatsoever. Adopt a white baby, they're covered; have a matrilineal system, and you can have someone with 75% genetic totality and more who is not covered. International relations, yes; race is completely a non-factor.

Those who take a look at the geography will probably notice that this involves an extended "confederacy of rape." The fall of Texas, with its subsequent bombings etc, started in Ft. Worth...

...entering, by all available data, through Oklahoma. Given that state's status as "Indian prison," they'll... have a lot of raping opportunity.

Sadly, their history has shown that anything less dysfunctional gets attacked even more, so no, there is no hope.

The new confederacy features voter suppression addition to the ressurection of the fine and long-standing tradition of injun rape through child seizure, so it really is a robust and complete ressurection of, well, everything. It, like Australia, is also eminently shermanable.

So, that appears to be the second half in this round of comedy; moving from central and south american native american baby rape to north american baby rape. Too bad you couldn't figure out any social skills, people might actually like you.


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