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IMO, the real reason pedohate needs to go

Posted by rainbowloom on Friday, October 26 2018 at 3:55:08PM

Young girls in less-than-ideal home situations often benefit immensely from the support that (especially an older) peer can provide as a significant other.

Even in Western society, where child marriage is not customary and sexual activity is criminalized between under-16s and over-16s.

It has nothing much to do with marriage or sex or the reasons why those are pushed to occur later in life and why they were criminalized between under-16s and over-16s in the first place.

Struggling girls need boyfriends to have their backs. Older boyfriends play that role the best BY FAR.

There should be no reason why an older boy shouldn't come into a young girl's life, with intentions that are heartfelt and honest, and maker her happy in any way he can. Instead, because of pedohysteria, such a relationship can be nearly impossible to find let alone maintain, and is treated with utmost suspicion and disdain by society.

And the result is that men whose natural inclinations are towards younger girls (who are often the MOST noble and true in their motives) are left to grow lonely and unfulfilled, while the young girls who can't trust the authority or intentions of adults because negative experiences and learned behaviour are left without someone who really cares - about who they are as PEOPLE, the REAL them - to depend on.

The real social consequences of the knee-jerk false moralizing and virtue signalling and reactionary oppressive treatment of certain "types" is plain to see for anyone who is not participating.

~ Bow

Those are the real social consequences; an

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