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Every now and then

Posted by Gimwinkle on Sunday, October 28 2018 at 1:40:39PM
In reply to I saw your face in my dream. posted by rainbowloom on Sunday, October 28 2018 at 07:39:54AM

Unfortunate as hell, it only happens once in a lifetime or two for me. But...

One night several months ago, I had a wonderful surprise in that I dreamed of a generic 6 year old that made me want to never wake up. She and I were in what can only be thought of as "a made-to-order" encounter. No, She was not naked because my lust focuses only on clothed little angels and this dream was definitely designed for me. And, as opposed to most other of my dreams, this one was about as real as my imagination could fabricate for such an unsuspecting yet grateful mind. I could hear Her little girl breath passing Her parted lips just inches from my ear although She spoke not a word. Even now, months later and I am fully awake writing this, I can see Her exquisite visage staring at me in very real color, a portrait manifestation that can only be described as a creation in my consciousness by a heavenly artist. All little girls possess this allure, this attraction and this fantasy little girl was intensely real to me. In the dream, I could feel Her every movement from Her gentle stirring to Her embrace as She sat with Her arms braced vividly on my shoulders. The scent I breathed in from Her mishap circumstance served to inflame my desire for Her... no, desire is not enough of a word to describe how much I wanted to be with Her for the rest of my life in that religious event that this dream was. When I awoke, I knew it had been a dream but I also knew it had been a very special one because I dreamed it to be so real. I even cursed myself for waking up.

I am not sure why the dream-gods thought to reward me so, but I would love for them to grant me another dream encounter like that.

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