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Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, November 01 2018 at 04:29:21AM

Jesus, kids knocking at doors and nobody bothering to recount? Just how self-obsessed are young adults these days? Seems a little scary, and not in the good way. Rise from your autist basements and live!

Anyway, I had but one encounter. I always seem to have other pressing work related obligations on the day of the goblins...

Nevertheless, I did have one encounter. At around 11am, I entered a lesser known establishment (let's just call it "Dick Donald's"... and after ordering my DickMuffin, what appeared before me?

She was not even particularly hot... but she wore a simple leotard, all black, with tail and simple painted-on black whiskers, simple black cat ears, and some hella sexy strapped on heels, otherwise barefoot. Also, befuddling me, was her somewhat younger friend. She was 11 or 12, brown haired and giving off an aura of 15 or 16, and her friend was all of 9, though not very appealing. No adults to be seen.

Here was my cat girl, obviously going more for sexy than merely cute, hanging with her bud a few years younger, with nobody older around. I found myself more into her than her costume, which is quite an achievement, given my lust for any girl going for the feline thing...(always so sexy).

I'd like to say that I caught her daze, but I never did. I noticed her otherwise bare feet in probably her mom's strap heels. After that, I just grazed on my muffin, wondering who she was and why she had a younger friend, and why she was going for the sexy black cat instead of the merely cute black cat.

I'll never see her again. Not at this magical age. She held sway over her younger friend, not realizing she could even hold it over someone older than herself, with or without her mom's heels.


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