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A frontal lobotomy and a bottle in front of me.

Posted by Gimwinkle on Monday, November 05 2018 at 11:18:34AM
In reply to Gimwinkle hugs you with a big whisky bottle... posted by griffith on Sunday, November 04 2018 at 06:12:23AM

When I was just a new adult and in the military, I thought it was my responsibility to party hardy and get drunk every night. I drank two pitchers of beer, stumbled home, went to work, and then drank two pitchers of beer again. Beer. I hated it but drank it because other trainees did.

Got shipped to Thailand and swore off beer. I tried wine. For one drink. I discovered that I hate wine, too. I couldn't even get drunk on it. Local bar tender worked with me most of one night, trying his best to find something that I could enjoy getting drunk with. I eventually gave up and simply ordered a Coca Cola. The bar tender had an idea. Just a small drop of rum went into my Coke. I didn't really like it (kind of ruined the Coke) but I could drink it. Later, he added more. I got smashed. From then on, rum and coke was my method to jump into inebriation. Which I did once or twice a week just to be with the guys.

Made a very unexpected stop in the trees injuring my noggin and one eye. So, I got grounded (couldn't fly military anymore.) Long recovery story but I ended up giving up on getting drunk. It wasn't something I enjoyed. I actually hated it.

So, no. The "bottle" I referred to wasn't glass but a person. Much more enjoyable. :)

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