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Judith Grimes in my AoA!/Rick replaced by an LG!

Posted by CatcherintheRye on Monday, November 05 2018 at 8:58:56PM

Hey everyone!

So as some of you might already know, I'm a pretty big walking dead fan. I know some of you don't like the show cause of their supposed tendency to kill off young girl characters. But it's just a silly show, pure escapism. Plus the young girls playing the characters seem to have a great time, especially if they get to be zombies! I was obsessed with Brighton Sharbino back in the day.

Ok there's spoilers head if you haven't seen the latest episode.

It was Andrew Linkon's last episode, long story short, everyone thinks he killed himself to save everyone by blowing up a bridge he was right next too, but really the weird garbage lady, Jadis, took him away on the helicopter she tried to get to pick her up last season. Previous episodes have been leading us to believe it's some sort of human trafficking thing.

BUT! the very end, there's a time jump that isn't too obvious at first. We see some new characters almost get eaten but someone saves them, a young girl around 10 years old. They ask her her name. She picks Rick's Sheriff hat off the ground next to her, puts it on and answers "Judith...Judith Grimes"

oh my ggggaaawwwddd, and she's cute too! Played by the lovely Cailey Flemming.

There was a pretty girl that played Judith in a vision Karl had last year of the future. At the beginning of this season there's s little cutie playing her as a like three year old, and I was hoping the girl in the vision would play her, but this new girl is just as cute! Also, some speculated that the girl in Karl's vision wasn't Judith, but the young baby Aaron is taking care of, so maybe we'll see her again too.

Yaay, lot's of hotties in the walking dead. And she's probably not gonna get killed off cause she's freakin Judith Grimes and Rick just left. He is essentially replaced by a young girl, heehee Judging from IMDB she is in every single episode for the rest of the season.

Yeah, yeah, I'm a huge LG actress nerd :)


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