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People think that, but it's not true

Posted by sans on Sunday, January 27 2019 at 0:07:36PM
In reply to On being large posted by Gimwinkle on Sunday, January 27 2019 at 10:43:06AM

I virtually never use, instead I use startpage or duckduckgo - really, both are great search engines (technically startpage piggybacks off Google, but anyway...), and they both actually care about your privacy, on top of not being the NSA's slut.

I hate Google and I'm gradually dropping their services. I used Google Voice for years and no longer do (I deleted my account), and I deleted one of my main Gmail accounts. I eventually would like to drop almost everything - and I would like to say "everything," but they're clearly a monopoly now when it comes to online advertising - why? Because TOO MANY PEOPLE use Google and think there is no good alternative.

Everyone should go on a search engine that actually respects your privacy and search for "why google sucks" - it'll enlighten you.

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