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never use them

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, January 27 2019 at 6:52:56PM
In reply to On being large posted by Gimwinkle on Sunday, January 27 2019 at 10:43:06AM

I even block their third party cookies when possible. When I have to use their search engine, I use one of the private third party sites that get the results for you.

Your comment about custom targeted adverts is why I don't even use my naked browser anymore unless it is required, not even for common everyday stuff. I don't want the matrix grooming me toward parting with my money or pushing me toward a preferred personal belief structure.

Meanwhile, I hear some ISP's take note of who is using anonymous browsing techniques, but so what. I suppose that concern depends on which country we reside in.

The other day I was with a colleague, watched them turn to Google for information on a somewhat personal topic, and felt a little tinge of dread when he did it. I personally can't believe anyone does that anymore, but one benefit I've always noticed about child lovers who've been online for a long time... we've always been ahead of the curve on privacy compared to the masses, many of us anyway.

How many of you have seen a story somewhere about some privacy concern which the public are currently having and been astonished, remembering that you were already trying to avoid that issue a decade ago?

It's good to stay informed on the latest security and privacy concerns, whether it be from hackers, governments, or corporate monoliths. Sometimes they all seem to blend together into the same nemesis, can be hard to tell the difference.


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