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The Wise Man Once Told Me

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, January 27 2019 at 8:11:12PM
In reply to Any advice for an old dog? posted by RedViolin on Wednesday, January 23 2019 at 2:07:46PM

The liberation will not come to free us. It will come to free the children.

I'm nevertheless against a free-for-all, knowing how reckless and conceited many adults are. The more moral decay I witness in society overall, the less successful I see this new freedom being if it does come about. It requires some values of dignity and respect and guardianship and honesty which just seem to me to continue to erode.

If you are old enough to remember such things, think of all the "on your honor" expectations in society that used to work quite well when most people were instilled with a good moral compass from an early age and willingly chose to do the right things. Over the years, people started to take advantage and ruin "nice things" for everyone else.

I know many people who post here would be of great benefit in the lives of kids. Many of us are the ones who have toiled with moral aspects of child love, but there are many many more who have the desire and never bothered thinking of such things. They want what they want, and don't give a flying you know what how it affects anyone else.

To your other point, there is not much use trying to push anything on big social media when a few giant companies control allowable speech, and allowable speech is controlled by keeping good PR and forwarding particular political agendas. Good PR is now at the hands of Twitter outrage-bots, it seems to me.

The world is in flux. We wait to see how it changes. Until then, it's fairly useless to try to push anything, beyond just making it known that we're out there.

That's just my personal view at this moment in time. Big stuff is on the horizon, and already in motion, and it's far bigger than our little world of hearts and lollipops.

You've had some interesting posts. Not sure why you were not liked. Still waiting for the one that destroys your credibility:p


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