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Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, January 29 2019 at 03:18:52AM
In reply to afraidofamericans posted by RedViolin on Monday, January 28 2019 at 0:33:17PM

She had an incredible Hollywood future ahead of her, and she curiously chose to bow out pretty early instead. I never heard an explanation for that. I've always suspected something took place which made her think twice, or perhaps made her parents do the same. I'm guessing she's an adult by now, or pretty positive she is. Last I saw of her, she was going rebellious in dress style. I can't say for sure she had a nose ring (something I can't stand), but that's my last memory of her when I tuned out. Despite me, she's clearly an intelligent person in addition to being beautiful.

I dunno... one of those girls I never fully understood, someone I'd point to as a future giant star with all the looks and class required, and yet someone who left that world behind instead.

There may be nothing there. Maybe it just wasn't what she wanted, or maybe she was more shy than we know or something simple like that. My hope is that's all it was. I'd still be sad she bowed out. Such a lovely girl, already nearly forgotten.

Yeah, I'd dare say she was a pedo dream-girl. I do sense she had a shyness that had no logical basis of any kind. Is there anything more appealing in the entire world?


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