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Future Alleviation/Opportunity For Any New Blood

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, February 09 2019 at 11:28:30PM

I have northeastern roots. The only person from here who was more "Eeyore" than me was Infinity, who might have been from the same region. I'm not allowed to tell. His style was often taken offense to as well, causing him frequent problems and having to grit teeth and "apologize" to people who didn't get him. Confrontation was a normal part of life for us, and yet it did not mean "escalation" was being desired. It only meant that one was being challenged in terms of explaining their positions better, to show that they really were being truthful. He reminded me of my older relatives. I understood him where many here did not.

You didn't shrink and call foul to Infinity. That was to misunderstand him. You simply made things more clear to assure you weren't being a bullshit artist, truth being held above all else, not a personal tenet so in line with the general ways of the internet.

His intentions were not hostile, and he was often painted in the wrong light. In spite of certain original concerns about him, he never brought any harm to me, in spite of opening up aspects of my life where he could have caused havoc, even as I never got to know anything about his own private life. One of many times I could have had my life destroyed but lucked out.

I met Infinity several times. Humiliated myself with him during a game of golf once or twice. He taught me what a "Mulligan" was. I was definitely Mulligan.

You quickly learn how out of place you are when you move to places on this earth where sentiments are intended to be more subtle, roundabout, hinted at, for the sake of politeness, for not hurting easily bruised feelings. It can be a lifelong challenge to go against your own nature and take the time to "delicately" hint things to people, to cater to their thin skins, their "triggers" and the like.

In Infinity's case, I found it entertaining to hear how extra blunt he would be with me. There was no mistaking what he really thought about things, and yet I also found him to be very generous in various ways. In such a culture, good deeds are often a replacement for good things unsaid. To not be aware of this is to not understand such people.

Dunno... my personal day to day reality is about as far from this as can possibly be. I bite my tongue all day as a form of coddling people who should really be physically shaken back to reality. Notice I didn't say slapped. I am coddling the readers. I really wanted to say slapped.

I'd ask for forgiveness here as a result, but the truth is, I already know what sort of person I am, and the fact that young girls see through what I really am as well, and feel empowered around the real me, says there's no need to do so. I'm a gentle softie with the believing heart of a hardened warrior, forever perched in his (indestructible) watchtower.

Accept or fuck with me as you choose. As this place is now, I'll be gone in 15 months either way. We had a good run. No regrets.

Taking a breather. jd can make his 5th draft reply, no rush. I won't be answering for a little while, so no fears of real time interaction needed.

GC donation. Expect it. Sorry for being so late.

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