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Yup. A point I missed.

Posted by Gimwinkle on Sunday, February 10 2019 at 03:56:50AM
In reply to cheap keyboard, avoid Logitech. posted by Eeyore on Sunday, February 10 2019 at 00:55:52AM

I have a cheap (extremely cheap) Aula keyboard... brand new. Somehow, my hand movements create some key combination and I get Chrome's "Inspect" extension launched. Quite surprising. I'm just too lazy to look up what the keyboard shortcut is.

You hit a very poignant point. 25 years ago, my little lover and I experienced some wonderful times together. Enough that She requested it. Was that harm? Today, I believe Her opinion of it is considerably different. Is it harm now? If I kiss a little girl today and She finds it enjoyable, will it become harmful 25 years from now?

Then there is the opposite side of the coin: (I need to count here... did it with a calculator.) 49 years ago, I was riding my 10 speed "racing" bike along a happy stretch of road. Being a kid, I didn't have the money nor knowledge to properly fix the chain sprocket to keep the chain on. So, every so often, I had to stop the bike, pick the chain off the sprocket spindle, rotate the sprocket, get on the bike, and continue on my journey. Being a kid, I got lazy (Okay, I'd probably do it today, too) and just bent down, grabbed the chain, placed it properly back on the sprocket, and pedaled on. (Spell checker says, "pedaled"; I said, "pedalled".)

The last time I did that was quite successful. I looked back up and violently slammed into a very narrow telephone pole on the side of the road. It didn't hurt me, but the front tire was mangled into a useless mess. What made it severely embarrassing was my girlfriend and her family slowly passed me in their car with everyone wide-eyed and frowning at me. I waved that I was okay. I would imagine that it was her father who told her to break up with me because I was too stupid to ride a bicycle. I mean, it took some sort of "intelligence" to find that telephone pole, as narrow as it was, and ride my bike into it with my head down.

Today, and I'm sure you feel this way, too, I laugh at the situation. But not so back then.

Was the event funny or embarrassing? Back then? Now?

Am I responsible for kissing a little girl today that, in the future, will be taken as harmful?

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