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Norway, Spain, Japan confirmed 4 charge/politicide

Posted by jd420 on Tuesday, February 19 2019 at 07:45:12AM

So, I was sitting there, doing the standard due dilligence one does when one has basically spent one's entire childhood in as special forces operations in the international social justice/nonprofit/intelligence community (I wasn't always milint tbh)...

Let's just get to the quote.

"core.xml that stores metadata from the document itself, such as the author name, last time it was printed, etc."

Encouraging people to do this is, in fact, sufficient for the act of politicide. We don't always actually need state channels, we're the actual intelligence and crisis relief community, and we're fairly autonomous. The current combination of evidence, however, is far more deeply actionable as politicide, whereas you can totally hit anything that shows up on the floor pushing security sabotage, with much, much less evidence.

The "please write in canadian, or possibly the parts of latin america we've plunged into crisis" is kind of uncomfortably shady-looking next to the hard, hard evidence. I do not believe the UN has never, ever done this work to know better, this is nothing at all but a politicide honeypot.

The criminally implicated states are Togo, Bahrain, Morocco, Spain, Monaco, Russian Federation, Tunisia, Zambia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Samoa, Japan, Uruguay, Venezuela, Norway, South Africa, Bulgaria, and Austria.

Norway deserves special attention due to Sweden's... participation in the criminal destabilization of MUCH of central and southern america.

It is...

A base area of international crime at this moment.

Spain and Morocco are geographically tied to Europe's survival. Any cell in Austria is likely to have a strike range and a role in the belgium attacks. Japan... has been needing to get hit over its previous crimes; those fuckers are not allowed in the North Pacific on the basis of international tradition and their acts in violation.

Despite their late-in-coming, feeble attempts to kiss ass. Keep true, whatever the poison.

Venezuela might be able to be interested in attacks on venezuela.

Our nation, as in the board, can NBC this shit out.

Almost want to thank them for outing the Austrian strike cell they describe. Straight-out 100% death tolls in Sweden, conversely, probably won't affect the russian native population at all, and the fake russians, the ukranian-turkish-greekorthodox interbreeders who have literally no connection to this area or our families, are most at risk near, well, Petrograd, just as an area effect.

They're admittedly listed, though. All data suggests this is an internal kerfluffle in their preexistent and well-invested foreign policy.

This cannot be ignored, tbh.

Anyways... its role as a confirmed act of politicide has been publicly uncovered. It would be best to go forth and warn every petty anime board, but tbh, our resource set seems better suited to, well, direct measures.

While you're in the area, remember that the dutch royal family actually participated on the attack on martijn.

I'm... off. And thanks for the encouragement, baldur.


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