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A decent cult...

Posted by jd420 on Monday, February 25 2019 at 00:37:26AM
In reply to I do posted by Wink on Sunday, February 24 2019 at 11:37:33PM

Sort of a child of god thing.

Not sure if you mean this in the generic or the specific. ;)

There's always Satrygraha, "ascend to heal the world," but that doesn't exactly come from pessimism and inaction.

Meanwhile, the City of New York spends about $2/person to unclog their sewer system annually because grease, mostly from common dishwashing, reacts with the calcium in concrete to form a solid, completely-insoluble wax. You could bump this up to about $2,000 a person or so just by dumping entire bottles of vegetable oil down the drain daily, flushing dental floss, et cetera.

I still suggest either "ascension" or "live-arson the haters," but the one thing not to do is give up; there's something that will fit any parameters.


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