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Posted by Gimwinkle on Friday, March 01 2019 at 01:53:55AM

If you ever get curious about life where I was, the movie O.G. hits it smack on. There were lots of minor differences between my life and what was in the movie. I was never in a controversial position unlike the character in the movie. But the life there, with all its complexities of people interactions, came through so well that it brought back lots of memories… memories that I had suppressed for years. Most of the movie was actually filmed in a maximum security prison very much like where I was. One of the lead characters (Beech) was actually a real prison inmate there. It was a fictional story, but the life there was illustrated quite well. There was none of the normal prison movies like lots of violence, rapes, and evil wardens. This movie is unique in that it didn’t go that route. It showed the community that prisons are.

For many years while I was in my prison, me and a young “grievance co-ordinator” were mild enemies. The very last week, before I was to leave, he and I, passing each other outside alone, had a heart-to-heart conversation. He wanted to understand me. So I told him. The final scene in the movie was such a tremendous flashback for me, including the heart-to-heart with the movie’s prison investigator.

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