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The Doctor Who relaunch.

Posted by jd420 on Friday, March 01 2019 at 03:15:22AM
In reply to And Dead Pool 2 posted by hierophant on Wednesday, February 27 2019 at 8:15:48PM

- The whole temporal kerfluffle is entirely within earth technology, except perhaps causing it.
- It's obviously a fucking clutch, and the loop is 600,000,000 * (seconds/2pi) meters across.
- The charming dragons aren't 'unhappening' anyone, and are just dragged in a direction perpendicular to the easier-to-point-to ones. Not that it helps.
- Rose's dad didn't have to die, and any object of the same weight would have imparted the right force for the clutch to catch.

Oh, and...

- You can touch the baby. That shit's just superstition. ;)

In the bigger picture of course, The Long Game and School Reunion pertain more to our situation than the one that mentioned us, and I'm surprised the Time War narrative wasn't more developed with this in mind. But, yes... by the time you can manage the basic skills to figure out what happened in Father's Day from a hard-scifi perspective, it's also pretty obvious : touching babies is fine, and huff and puff to the contrary is superstitious bullshit. ;)

The sort of superstitious bullshit which is a maliciously engineered attempt to set our planet back thousands of years, in fact. One could develop the time war narrative... a lot.


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