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The girl I mentioned....

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Sunday, March 10 2019 at 3:37:59PM
In reply to One thing to mention posted by GL_in_lyrics on Sunday, March 10 2019 at 3:27:42PM

Oh, the 13F I mentioned I think definitely understood, though I'm still glad I did not even entertain her offer. She hated her living situation, and was attracted to older men, and toddlers in her family.

I would hardly consider her a child, but this definitely helps proves the AOC needs to be AT LEAST as low as 12.

At 10 or 11, I would have let adult women fuck me. Sure it would have been nice.

But no one should ever be brought to the point where they want to be kidnapped and taken to Shitistan.

To bad she didn't live in my city, I could have been friends with her.... and she would have been legal in my country quite soon.

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