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drink bleach

Posted by rainbowloom on Thursday, March 14 2019 at 1:36:31PM
In reply to Misrable posted by billi on Thursday, March 14 2019 at 11:25:31AM

why would i do that

i do not believe you would. i'm merely responding in this way to indicate that your hate speech is realistically wrong and vile enough to incite violence, or should be. i'm not actually a violent person at all, but your words are like a dagger in the minds of people attracted to young girls - especially younger, in-their-prime pedos who are quite attractive enough to be the object of attraction to a young girl. you likely will never understand... but let me make this absolutely clear: you're stereotyping pedos (including me, which is why those stereotypes are so awful; even if you aren't targetting a specific person and directing your words at them, you're attacking the identities of everyone who falls within the category that it is your goal to devalue). these are human beings you know essentially nothing about other than the fact that they are pedophiles - something you very consistently show you don't even really comprehend outside of your own negative preconceptions.

i certainly would make those same remarks in your or anyone else's presence during a debate.

that's what you pretend to be doing? you think you're engaging in debate? lmfao

nearly every post you've made since your arrival contained at least one disgusting ad hominem, and in many cases the entire comtents just boil down into one.

you're pathetically incapable of critical thought and your sole purpose here is to spit up your poorly-constructed poison only to retreat or play coy.

that is definitive troll behaviour.

for the record, the genital mutilation of any child regardless of gender constitutes a most heinous act of sexual sadism. but i have no idea why you brought that up in this - um - debate. yeah yo. that's what this is.

~ rainbow

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