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The UN's plan is to circumcise boys and girls

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Wednesday, March 20 2019 at 1:49:11PM

In theory...

The UN knows that silly people following tribal religions in backwards third world African countries are not going to listen mostly when it comes to the anti-FGM crowd. Which is most of the world!

The UN's official policy is stopping FGM, which is futile with what we're up against. Also, the feminazi agenda made it necessary for the UN to declare an official "policy" on this. There might be a few missionaries making a difference but I have no doubt FGM happens a lot more than we think, even in our own countries.

Males, however, don't matter to feminists, so no need to declare a policy on this! Well, wrong. The official policy is to do this to as many males as possible, propaganda induced. Rest assured, the policy would be to do this to females too if there were no feminazis! And I'm not saying they're wrong for stopping LGs from getting their genitals mutilated, I'm saying they're hypocrites for not protecting LBs from it too.

Well... they're introducing Islam to the world more and more now. Get ready for chop chop chop, males and females alike!

If we don't start criminalizing this ritual sadist sexual abuse now, for males and females, we're in a lot of trouble. If something isn't done within the next 10 years, I predict there will be pro-FGM propaganda out there by 2050. There already is in THOSE countries.... and almost always the EXACT same reasons they say MGM is beneficial!

For reasons why no form of child genital mutilation is beneficial: See the documentary "American Circumcision", which is on Netflix.

And don't forget the UN allows Jews to literally use their mouths to suck on the head of the baby's penis after cutting off the foreskin! Ritual oral sucking.

I know there are people out there listening. This type of shit should be a high criminal offense. Yes, if something isn't done soon it is obvious there is a major international child genital cutting conspiracy.

To be continued in another thread...

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