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Circumcision is a major reason for child rape

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Wednesday, March 20 2019 at 2:13:40PM

DuckDuckGo is your friend, remember.

It is being documented more and more today that:
- The pain/trauma from circumcising an infant or young child can lead brain damage, or even autism. This is common in general for any extreme pain an infant might feel.
- Circumcision is the child's first sexual experience.
- It teaches boys that they have to respect the bodies of females, whereas they were violated sexually with a knife right after birth in many cases.
- Circumcision causes erectile dysfunction later in life.
- In a ratio percentage (not sure how high or low), circumcised men have been documented to be more sexually violent than uncircumcised men. A great example of this is taking a look at circumcised countries in the Middle East, and the USA, compared to uncircumcised countries such as Germany, Sweden, Japan... and most of the world.
- A circumcised penis requires more of a thrusting action, there is too much friction during sex, and many females complain the circumcised penises are more painful than uncircumcised.

In theory...

Well, just connect the dots. It shouldn't be too difficult.

I conclude that circumcision is a big culprit to blame for child rape, and if I wanted to I could elaborate on how this is an obvious conspiracy and it is definitely intended to do just as what I'm saying.

Let's take for example myself. I am uncircumcised. Which, btw means I am not trying to justify any "deviant" actions I actually have NOT even committed. But I am a virgin. I've been just fine with that. Never been tempted to harm anyone, or so much as have sex with a woman. And I've left the kids alone. I truly believe the type of *legal* material that's out there for MAPs to relieve themselves with, and my foreskin, give me immense satisfaction. It's only the emotional and romantic part of a relationship I truly feel I'm lacking.

In general it just feels like a lot of my circumcised friends haven't been so lucky.

Circumcision may even be a big reason pedophilia appears like it would be harmful, due to having to protect kids from so many would-be abusers who do the type of shit to kids that we all are against.

Certainly not saying all circumcised men are potential-rapists, but I can't lie about the correlations that are beginning to come to light.

/me goes back to whining about foreskins. ;-)

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