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Posted by Gimwinkle on Friday, March 22 2019 at 08:58:50AM
In reply to Are some MAPs just attracted to cuteness? posted by GL_in_lyrics on Wednesday, March 20 2019 at 2:20:18PM

The common cuttlefish can display 34 chromatic, six textural, eight postural and six locomotor elements, whereas flamboyant cuttlefish use between 42 and 75 chromatic, 14 postural, and seven textural and locomotor elements. While they use these features in their courtships, they would never be sexually attracted to a human child.

Wikipedia lists 19 milestones in child developement stages from 1 month olds to sixteen year olds. Sexual feelings and attractions often begin around the age of 11. I have never heard of any human being sexually attracted to the common cuttlefish... though these days and times, it might be possible.

The point here is, as is said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, there are averages.

A pretty little girl is pretty because I say She is.

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