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Hate, hating and hatred

Posted by billi on Saturday, March 23 2019 at 9:10:01PM
In reply to Religion posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, March 23 2019 at 1:53:18PM

GL wrote:

"I hate all religion. And most religious people."

That's a shame, GL, because there are many nice, kind and socially conscious people in the world who are religious Haven't you met any?

But this hatred of yours concerns me, GL. Hatred consumes a lot of energy. Energy that the hater could be using to try to better the world by joining groups and organizations that work on the environment, poverty, child welfare and etc, etc, etc. Instead of sitting at home concentrating on one's hatred, one could be out working on a myriad of world-improving activities. Have you thought of that?

And have you thought about talking to someone about all this hatred that you have, GL? Since hatred consumes a lot of one's energy, you must be exhausted all the time. In spite of our differences of opinion I don't relish that thought.

you also wrote:

'Circumcision rates are declining all over the world"

You are correct about that and I don't think it's a good thing.

But nice talking with you today, GL....and do take care.


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