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Yes, assault with a deadly weapon

Posted by Hajduk on Sunday, March 24 2019 at 3:33:51PM
In reply to Children/assault/knives posted by billi on Sunday, March 10 2019 at 5:59:51PM

It's a very common procedure

Abortion is a very common procedure too. As a pro lifer, I can tell you that the Ad Populum doesn't work.

and most men who are circumcised when adults report that it does not diminish sexual pleasure.

1. Source required.
2. Perhaps you should type into your search engine "Rocco Siffredi".

Most women prefer having sex with men who are circumcised as opposed to men who are not

1. Source required.
2. The torture fetishes of B are not a reason to torture A.
3. Most women also prefer to have sex with males as opposed to females. That doesn't mean we kill lesbians or mutilate them.

there is much less chance of transmitting disease and infection to a woman through intercourse when the man's penis is circumcised.


Though I always use that line in order to have sex bareback. Because, you know, my mutilated, dried out penis feels nothing inside a rubber.

That, to me, is a really big advantage for circumcised men and their sexual partners.

You know what else prevents diseases? Abstinence and monogamy / closed polygamy.

Yeah, I thought that was too much to ask from a rapist.

Do you know that cervical cancer is almost unknown for Jewish women because their sexual partners were/are usually circumcised?

Or maybe because traditional Jews are monogamous?

Btw, how are the rates of Jews using ED medications, genius?

Your ignorance of sexual health is shocking.

Your ignorance of basic humanity is, not shocking, just disappointing.

So stop talking about "assaults with knives" and so on

Or what? Ooooooh I'm scared!

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