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Posted by RedViolin on Wednesday, April 03 2019 at 0:25:06PM
In reply to A hypothetical transcript posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, April 03 2019 at 05:48:43AM

[Note that I'm preaching to the choir here]

Two essential problems with laws. One, they are enforceable even when unjust. Two, they are selectively enforced against those whom society fears or despises most.

Why does a person who physically maims a child receive a lesser sentence than someone who gently touches a child's genitals? Because violence is more socially accepted than loving touch!

Most adults are terrified that children might both possess and exercise consensual sexual agency. Even more terrifying (and humiliating, as well) is that children may come to experience and enjoy depths of sexual intimacy that most adults are too emotionally crippled to reach.

Society forgives the criminals whom they subconsciously admire. That is why a corporate theft of millions from the government is less despised than a beggar who steals a loaf of bread.

It is a sad commentary upon society when a parent who forcibly smacks a child for wrong-doing is more admired than a parent who takes the child aside to lovingly explain why their action was wrong.

Gimwinkle, I empathize and feel your pain.

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