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lol wtf.

Posted by jd420 on Friday, April 05 2019 at 6:02:28PM
In reply to Interesting cautionary article posted by RedViolin on Monday, April 01 2019 at 8:27:48PM

I'm sure where GC officially stands on the excesses of hardcore pedophilia

Did you mean to say?

- Heterosexual Parent or Caretaker?
- Yet another Breeder?

However, it's an issue that deeply troubles me.

Well, buddy, you can solve that by sticking a glock in your fucking mouth and performing trigger adjustments.

Meanwhile, cops actually forcibly retrieve runaways while you're larping your tragedy porn. Which is vast-majority fiction, as in "not even close to related to any real event," incidentally. "Suzy, who trafficked nine thousand cocks before Jesus," never actually existed.

Things do exist - as evidenced by the trafficking. You just apparently only give a shit about playing with yourself for the feels.

The rest of your article is... no more real. It does, however, give me the urge for a month or so of Netflix, because "but everything is Jews pedophiles" is... such bullshit.

Someone was forced back to shit they left - but, neutral sex ed is an industrial child rape conspiracy!

Somewhere, a teacher is demanding that people not talk to strangers about what happens at home - but literally any TV show I don't like is an industrial child rape conspiracy!

The wholly federally funded NCMEC spends over 90% of organizational efforts on the forcible tracking of people who left... but your neighbor bob is an industrial child rape conspiracy, because he won't join the gang!

You are full of shit and part of the problem.

At the level of bullshit of that website, the right thing to do is to assume that everyone there is directly involved in child sexual abuse through the foster care system. They'd have real shit to care about if they're not fake, so they're implicated.

You kill them, one by one. Because that is the work.


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