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At the boat today

Posted by Gimwinkle on Saturday, April 06 2019 at 7:39:18PM

The weather finally broke and a gazillion of us went to our respective boats to get them ready to get lifted into Lake Ontario for the summer.. I was coated with a speckled layer of boat cleaner and green slime from the boat's bottom and quite busy removing more of said slime from the boat bottom and applying it haphazardly about my face, arms, and clothing. Several people walked by to admire the boats and possibly consider buying one of the ones for sale scattered about the yard.

Just as I was collecting all the tools and readying to go home for the night, I spotted a pretty young girl and Her father walking a short distance away. Of course, being the Gimwinkle that I am, it was mandatory that I stop what I was doing and stare... discretely. Although she was what looked like 4 or 5 years above my AoA, Her face was Asian which just had to be studied carefully. Which I did. To my surprise, I recognized Her. Oh, how I wanted to run up the the two of them and scream and holler. But I just stood there looking dumb.

Some of you here at GC might remember a post I made several years ago about this very same father/daughter couple. I had been doing the same thing back then that I had been doing today: cleaning the boat. (Or, it might have been haul OUT late in that year's fall. I forget.) The father had been chatting with me while his daughter had been lurking about other boats. He ended up leaving (to the washroom? I forget) with his daughter deciding to chat with me in his place. I was totally stunned because, at the time, She was well within my AoA. About 9 or so, if I remember correctly. In the conversation we had, She had let it slip that She was NOT his daughter but, rather, his wife. Of course, it wasn't said point blank. But things She said told me that it was obvious that She was not his daughter. As we continued our conversation, She ended up removing all doubt and seemed a bit worried that I now knew. Again, it wasn't an outright blab about it; just things added up as we talked. Later, Her "father" came back and I let him know, discretely, that I knew and, since he looked quite worried, I told him that I was envious of him. That eased his worries as they both left.

Then. OMG... today.

There She and he was; walking abut 10 meters from me, probably yammering about boats or such. But She was probably twice as tall as I remember Her. I'd say She was about 15 now. She looked it. Well, it was several years and girls tend to grow considerably in a couple years. But it definitely was Her face!

I never got to speak with them again and they didn't even see me. But it did renew my envy of him and Her. Sure was a surprise to see them.

I'll try to find the post I made about them those several years ago.

Gosh, She was so tall.

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