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Posted by DanielRumanos on Tuesday, April 28 2020 at 06:32:08AM
In reply to Delusional. posted by LGsouL on Tuesday, April 28 2020 at 00:27:56AM

I am living proof that it does exist. I have done numerous interviews on the subject. The invective against us you see online rarely manifests itself in real life. I have had a few incidents where people have recognized me and shouted insults, but that's about it. People are cowards, and just do not act the same way when they don't have their keyboards to hide behind.

As for the law, I don't break it, so it's not a problem. I only was contacted once by an overzealous police detective (in another county), whom as it turns out, was working on the side for a "child advocacy" group. I reported his conduct to his department's internal affairs division, which led to him being investigated and spending six months in suspended duty. That is a matter of record, and I am willing to provide names and dates of anyone wants to look it up.

We have rights and we only need exercise them. Certain self-appointed "very high ups" in the anonymous GL community have a vested interest in your not realizing that. The jealous hatred and continued defamation that I have received from this sL person proves that. I have continuously offered the possibility of peace between us, but he obviously doesn't have the dignity of honor to behave as a gentleman.

I understand and respect that some of us prefer to stay "in the toybox". But it is NOT a necessity, and the GL community will not progress until we collectively get over the fearful illusion that it is.

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