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zero girl sexuality

Posted by EthanEdwards on Wednesday, September 23 2020 at 11:49:31AM
In reply to My Diss-ertation on the 'Cuties' controversy posted by Dissident on Friday, September 18 2020 at 2:49:51PM

The whole controversy about the movie did seem predictable and to me rather boring.

But as a movie... I thought it was a decent movie, maybe even a good movie though not really my kind of movie personally.

But a few things really struck me.

The dancing these girls were doing had absolutely nothing to do with their own sexuality. It was just doing a show to get attention and praise. The director made this point in that their idea of sexuality is trying to get Amy to get a video of a guy's dick at a urinal. They don't know the facts of life. They're kind of awkward when some older guys show some vague interest in them and realize they're 11. I'm not saying they had no sexuality, but the movie told us very little about it.

I found nothing remotely erotic for the vast majority of the film. For context, I am non-exclusive and can be passionately attracted to young women -- and I find it a total turn-off when young women present themselves that way too. I'm even less interested when 11-year-olds dance the same way.

I only found it starting to get a bit erotic at the very end, when Amy puts on some normal kid clothes and starts jump roping with some other girls. There's a girl acting like a girl... and that's starting to be sexy.

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