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Was 1997 the earliest?

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, August 01 2021 at 8:51:59PM
In reply to Um? posted by Hajduk on Sunday, August 01 2021 at 02:39:27AM

I like teens IRL, but born in '83 makes her 14 there..

By the way, Tim Dillon is ranting humorously about Simone Biles and women's gymnastics being a sport for pedophiles this week. If any of you has a sense of humor, I must admit.. it was pretty fucking funny. As you all know, the only three things that bring me unfettered non-cynical joy nowadays are vodka, girl feet, and Tim D.

I know we have always had posters stuck in "NOTHING IS FUNNY, FUCK YOU!!" mode, but I've always been amused by comedic trashings of us, as well as outsider comedic interpretations of what they think we are like. Comedy itself is on the ropes these days, so I realize I'm probably in the minority.


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